Jim Neighbor is proudly endorsed by the Mainstream Coalition

I would like to extend my sincere thanks for your past support during my 9 years as Councilman for Ward 1, Shawnee.  Your support has allowed me to work with my Colleagues on the Governing Body, Staff and the Chamber of Commerce to help create a newer and more vibrant Shawnee.

I’m not done yet! While we’ve accomplished many things, Shawnee needs continuity of leadership to realize this future vision, including:

  • Aggressive Economic Development is the top priority for Shawnee’s Future. We must leverage our strengths and continually strategically invest in projects that increase our commercial tax base, thus reducing the burden of Personal Property and Sales Taxes our residents now pay.
  • Expand the Neighborhood Redevelopment Program (KNRP) to include more of NE Shawnee. This program allows homeowners to improve their properties with minimal tax consequences, promoting regreening, and revitalization of our older neighborhoods.
  • Public Safety, Priority #1, for all Shawnee Residents. Our Fully Staffed and Nationally Accredited Police and Fire Departments provide safe and secure Shawnee neighborhoods.  I pledge to work with the strong leadership of both departments to maintain this high level of service and protection.
  • Prudent Fiscal Management is a hallmark of an efficient As our Council works with City Staff full of new faces and fresh ideas to make a better Shawnee, I believe my previous tenure provides a continuity of learning from past lessons to make Shawnee more progressive and better, while maintaining our AA1 credit rating.

There are many more opportunities to achieve great things for Shawnee.  That’s the challenge I intend to progressively work for to make Shawnee an even better place to live, work, play and do business as your Ward 1 Councilman.  Your campaign contribution is a vital part of my future vision for Shawnee. Thank you again for your support.

Jim Neighbor,

Shawnee Ward 1 Councilman